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Travel Safety Guidance Launched

7th December 2024

The Travel Special Interest Group has been formed to assist member institutions with the management of travel related risks. They aim to enable members to share their learning about practical implementation and best practice in the management of travel. To support this, the SIG are developing a toolkit of operational guidance to help members effectively implement travel risk management systems within their institutions, as suits the requirements of our diverse sector.

USHA is pleased to announce the first element of the toolkit is ready for publication. It is a trip risk calculator which will assist institutions and their travellers to understand the risk profile of their planned travel. The tool outlines those factors which affect the risk level of a trip, and provides illustrations of trip characteristics at risk levels ranging from negligible risk to extreme. This tool can be used to inform risk identification in travel approval and assessment processes and as a tool for communicating with staff and students about travel risk.

USHA is grateful to Peregrine Risk Management for their support in developing this guidance.

Members can access the toolkit here.

The SIG is developing further content for the toolkit, including tools and operations guidance on travel risk assessment, travel approval, contingency planning and risk exposure and appetite tools.

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