Health and Safety Provision in HEIs – A survey by University of West of England (Bristol)

A benchmark survey was undertaken of 21, Alliance and other Universities in the UK.

The survey of 15 questions was designed in-house by the Head of Health and Safety at UWE Bristol and submitted via email to identified participants.

The survey ran for a period of 7 weeks, closing on 24th January 2018. A total of 12 were returned, a response rate of 57%.

All reported that organisational arrangements ensure they have a strategic view of Health and Safety across the University, get involved with diverse work and risk areas. There was report of staff respect where the Health and Safety Team is seen to be coming from a recognised unit that has the support of the University’s Executive Team and Council.

The University profile, Health & Safety team location, reporting structures, team provision and typical roles was covered in the survey.

View survey results (PDF)