ISTR guidance "Safe working with arthropods" 2017

'Safe working with arthropods: Containment and control for work with uninfected, infected and transgenic animals in research', covers research work with exotic and UK native species of arthropods (mosquitoes, biting midges and ticks) and GM insects that are vectors of virus diseases affecting animals (such as bluetongue virus or African horse sickness virus), and humans (such as Zika virus or dengue fever virus).

It has been produced by ISTR, in consultation with HSE and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) with input from the UK biosafety community and scientists who work with arthropods and GM insects. It also delivers key elements of the HSE’s `Helping GB work well’ strategy for 'Managing risk well' and 'Keeping pace with change'.

Guidance Document