Estates continues its work with AUDE and AUE


USHA Estates Group steering committee

The USHA estates group is developing momentum within Higher Education Institutions and starting to build effective collaborations and partnership with key stakeholders.

March 2016 saw the third USHA Estates seminar held at the University of Liverpool in London. The theme, health in construction, echoed the sentiments of the construction 2025 strategy further emphasised by the HSE principal Construction Division: Health Risk Management Unit who irritate to the cohort the HSE strategy which aims to operate an industry with considerably safer and healthier conditions.

To give some practical application Imperial College London presented a case study that illustrated a cross-industry and organisational leadership model that has driven continuous improvement of health and safety culture within the construction industry. A model based around the Olympic Park project involving effective partnerships and most importantly from the case study clients commitments to safety and health which are signed up to by contractors at the start of the construction journey.

The group has made in roads to work in closer collaboration with the Association of University Director of Estates (AUDE) and the Association of University Engineers (AUE); with the Chair of AUDE opening up the annual seminar. This venture has opened up discussion to develop annual safety newsletters informing Directors of change and promoting the work of the group, an opportunity to deliver workshops, seminars and facilitate discussion and debate with Directors and AUDE members. Furthermore a health and safety section within the AUDE website, with the feasibility of the Estates Group owning this section of their website enabling the group to influence and promote activity. Specifically with the AUE initial discussions have taken to place as to how the two associations can develop a closer relationship; an area of interest across all three associations being statutory compliance.

At a national level a strong partnership is being forged with the HSE and Construction Clients Groups in the development of the client’s commitments initiative; an initiative the group intend to focus on, promote and develop with our partnering associations.

More specifically the CDM15 sub-group has completed sector specific guidance, models, training packages, information for the implementation, management and compliance of CDM15 which has been shared via AUDE.

The compliance sub-group is beginning to working in partnership with the AUE focusing on the development of a reference/guidance document that will provide an audit framework to establish compliance; minimum statutory compliance, industry best practice and excellence.

The asbestos sub-group is developing guidance for the management of asbestos in soils a HSE initiative; also considering the impact of the proposed changes to the asbestos analytical guidance. A programme of asbestos awareness roadshows is being planned across the UK.

Exciting times are ahead for the group as we continue to build a platform and create opportunities to really impact and influence changes in health and safety performance in conjunction with members AUDE and AUE and the wider University community.

I would like this opportunity to thank all those members who have given their time to build the group and continue to support the groups’ initiative as we strive to improve the health and safety culture within Higher Education Institutions.