Leadership Guidance talks to UMBA delegates

Clive Parkinson (Surrey) spoke on behalf of USHA to delegates at this year’s UMBA (University Biosciences Managers Association) Annual Conference at Exeter University promoting the USHA Guidance

The conference was attended by over 50 members of the UBMA who had an opportunity to quiz Clive not only on the latest guidance but the revision of HASMAP and also the changes in sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences.

On a personal note Clive said that conferences and seminars such as the UBMA are an excellent opportunity for USHA members to engage with colleagues from other disciplines so as to keep them up to date on health and safety matters.

UBMA is the organisation for Laboratory Superintendents and Managers in university biological, biochemical and life science departments, schools and faculties, currently with members drawn from over 70 different universities. It aims to improve the management of resources in university science schools and departments, by:

• Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas
• Seeking to influence national policy by the representation of the Association’s views
• Encouraging training and development of staff at all levels
• Disseminating best practice