Swallow EMP says it’s important not to look at fire evacuation in isolation

If you consider access and egress issues (The Equality Act) then fire evacuation should be covered BUT if you look at fire only then access and egress is not covered.

EMP is owned by Greg and Julia Pons. Greg first saw the Evac Trac CD7 evacuation chair in 2006 and realised  this was easier and safer to use than the standard evacuation chairs that people are familiar with.

It started to promote these and quickly realised that people with different disabilities require different solutions and that one design does not fit all!

You also must take into consideration the stairs and landings, as these again affect the evacuation chair that can be used. Is the person in a wheelchair, if yes, then should they transfer? What happens when they are outside without their wheelchair?

People were looking at fire evacuation in isolation and SwallowEMP realised that access and egress are part of the solution and should be equally considered.

It offers a range of portable products that are primarily powered and therefore go both up and down stairs. Available for people who are in wheelchairs or people with limited mobility, operate on Spiral straight and flared stairs.

Reduce manual handling by not asking people to carry people up and down stairs.

Swallow EMP are specialists in stair climbers and solutions that assist in moving people up and down stairs. Contact us for expert and impartial advice.

Our range also includes stair climbers to take goods up and down stairs as sack trolleys are often used and bumped up and down stairs with the potential for injury to the operator.

Questions to consider ……

Have evacuation chairs been purchased as part of a new build but without considering the needs of the disabled?

Should they be prevented from accessing certain buildings or floors because there is no way to evacuate them?

Whose responsibility is it to purchase the correct chairs that cover the needs of the individual?

Estates, Health & Safety, Fire, Disability Services to name but a few but do they all work together before making decisions

Have you got evacuation chairs and no volunteers who will use them?

Is training very time consuming as they require regular training and depend on the strength of the operator

A final testimonial...

“The lift at our school had broken down and required a long repair, our school has special needs students that would not have been able to attend their lessons as normal if we did not find another solution. After extended research I found a solution that would have solved all our problems, the Supertrack Major Tre70, a stair climber that would mean the students that were in a wheelchair would not have to get off the chair to get to other floors, this would cause less stress to the students and minimize any risks, the bonus was that it can also be used in a fire evacuation.

I called many companies but they all gave 2 – 3 months lead time as machines were booked, I then contacted EMP Swallows who were very sympathetic to my situation and organized a demo in the next few days, within a week we had the machine and training was provided the very same day. The machine is fantastic and the students enjoy using, it is reliable, faster than a stair lift and makes the students feel safe. Thank You Swallow”