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General Discussion Hasnet-Link

USHA Leadership Guidance  
Multi faith prayer rooms  
Stabbing incidents, fatal and non-fatal
Semi-conductor and/or solar energy research safety benchmarking opportunity
Sentencing Guidelines
Laboratories and pregnancy
Bomb threat guidance
Tumble dryers safety alert
Smoking bans and e-cigarettes
Alcohol & Drug Policy



Hasnet - Fire

Swimming pool occupancy
Weekly sounding of fire alarms during hours of occupancy as a test
Student accommodation fire safety
Fire Officer role
First responders in halls of residence using lone worker systems
Fire Risk Management System Auditing
Microwavable pop corn
Water mist suppression system standards
Removing Fire Extinguishers
Maintenance and Testing Guidance

Hasnet - Estates

Compliance Auditing
Flying Drones
PTW Flow Chart
Building Handover checklists
USHA Twitter account
Comments on USHA Fire guidance for testing and maintenance of fire safety related equipment



Hasnet - Radiology

IR Legislation and duties in France
Radiation Protection Course for RPSs, Radiation Workers and other persons
Optical quality platic / glass to shield camera in high flux 300kV electron field
HSE Proposed Implementation of EMF Directive - Public Consultation open.
EPR guidance documents
EC Non-Binding Practical Guide on the EMF Directive
Disposal companies for closed/sealed sources

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