The Auckland Marathon


“This was an ambitious goal and one that was even more difficult for me because I have a permanent back injury from a near-fatal car crash in 1999. Sixteen years later, I still manage the pain of this injury on a daily basis and running definitely makes it interesting. 

So why did I compete in, the Auckland Marathon?

Completing a marathon has been a lifelong ambition and is definitely something I want to get ticked off my bucket list. Before the car crash, I loved tramping, camping, squash, cycling and taking part in other active sports. Although I was told I would never run again (middle or long distance) after the crash, my ambition to complete a marathon has never left me. And now that I am living in Auckland on the marathon route, it seems like as good an opportunity as ever to take this on. I can't think of a better city to do this in. 

My charity – the Auckland City Mission – is a cause very close to my heart. I’ve worked extensively in social housing to support individuals and families in crisis, and I really believe in the great work the mission does here in Auckland. Despite this great work, I think the mission often gets overlooked so this is my way of raising their profile, lending them my support and doing my bit to help them help others. 

From a running perspective it was a perfect day and a great atmosphere. Plenty of well-wishers were happy to share the score, and at certain points I had my own personal motorcycle escort (Rob Powell is one of my team and a race official).

I ran the marathon in 4:18:01, which exceeded expectations as my target time was 4:30.
This was a huge effort as I had a very painful bout of sciatica at 38km, which I had to work through. I had a great run and ‘smashed’ the Auckland Harbour Bridge.”


Lee Dewhurst
Associate Director - Health, Safety and Wellbeing
The University of Auckland