Brunel & USHA hosts a Chinese delegation setting up work safety statistical systems


Vincent King, Head of Health, Safety and Environment at Brunel University played host to a delegation from the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), P.R. China. The delegation toured the United Kingdom as part of their research programme in'Setting up Work Safety Statistical Systems and the Statistical Approach'.

USHA Executive Board Member Vincent was selected to represent the sector to outline how safety related benchmarking was introduced and its positive influence on safety performance in the sector to assist the delegation in their research. He says "one way of improving performances is by sharing knowledge and information on measures that work. This is why it gave me great pleasure to demonstrate the benefits gained from the USHA's work and how this eventually may contribute to people working and studying more safely in various places around the PR China. The visit also provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase Brunel and its campus to the delegation”.