Update From Estates Group - May 2015

The USHA Estates Group:

The group has established three sub-groups driving change for safety excellence in the management of CDM and Asbestos across the HE Sector, notwithstanding the methods and techniques in which Universities provide assurance to their stakeholders around statutory compliance. The USHA Estates specialist group is in the process of developing a fourth working group focusing on environmental and waste management in construction, led by Ian Muir from the University of Liverpool who has recently achieved a Master degree in in environmental and waste management in construction.

Rik Hutchinson of the University of Leeds has been driving the CDM 2015 group forward and has been instrumental in producing:

• A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation covering CDM 2015, aimed at Estates technical staff.
• Two separate scope of services for the Principal Designer function. One is aimed at Capital Works and a joint one for Design Office, Engineering and Small Planned Works
• Single page staff Briefing Notes – once again aimed at Capital Works he and a joint one for Design Office, Engineering and Small Planned Works
• Single page process flow diagrams
• A standard letter directed at existing CDMC’s detailing contractual arrangements for the transitional period
• Pre-construction information checklist specifically aimed at the HE sector
• A template construction phase plan once again aimed at our sector
• Guidance on CDM 2015 implementation

Building on the work of Rik and his group, we have made initial steps to start to collaborative with the National Construction Clients Groups working with the UK’s large organisation to drive change in health and safety management of construction and maintenance.

The compliance group led by Stephen Hughes, Imperial College London is developing an understanding of how university’s manage their legal duties and focusing best practice methods of recording information to ensure recommendations are logged and actioned to enable a transparent audit trail of the cycle of the process.

The Asbestos Group led by Richard Walker of the University of York is planning to hold an asbestos awareness roadshow in collaboration with the AUE raising awareness of asbestos removal projects.

I would like to take this opportunity welcome Richard Walker to the Estates Group Committee and to thank the members of the Committee and Sub-Groups and their hard work as we strive forward to influence safety performance across the HE Sector.

Stewart Crowe