USHA Estates Asbestos Group Survey Summary

Following the meeting of the USHA Estates Asbestos Group in October of this year, it was decided to carry out a survey to determine how asbestos was managed in the Higher Education Sector. There was a good response to the survey, many thanks to all of you who took the time to fill it in, the survey also gave a god insight into the management of asbestos within the HE sector.

- Over 50% of respondents have more than 2000 asbestos assets within their estate, however less than 50% have a dedicated asbestos manager on their payroll to look after the asbestos on their estate.

- Nearly 70% of respondents carry out some asbestos management tasks “in house”. Of these 92% carry out project management of removals and 33% carry out asbestos surveys. None of the respondents carried out any air testing or bulk analysis.

-60% of respondents have a dedicated budget for the management of asbestos within their estates.

The information provided by the survey has been very helpful in gaining an insight into how asbestos is managed throughout the HE sector. This information will assist the Asbestos group greatly.

To see a full copy of the survey results, please click here.