All Universities Could Be More Wheelchair Accessible


The recent survey* of Britain’s most visited tourism venues found that 63% are not fully wheelchair accessible, this is no surprise to SwallowEMP, the UK leaders in powered mobility and evacuation chairs. IS THIS TRUE OF UNIVERSITIES?

The Equality Act is the key and people should be acting in the spirit of the Act, offering the best solutions for access, egress and evacuation.

In our experience many can evacuate people from buildings but only have one design of chair for downward evacuation only, expecting wheelchair users to transfer into these in an emergency. Very few companies focus on ACCESS as well as EGRESS and cater specifically for wheelchair users. There is no need to transfer out of a wheelchair and one person can move people in wheelchairs both upstairs as well as downstairs.
Swallow EMP - True Solution Provider and the leading supplier of powered Access, Egress & Evacuation Stairclimbers.

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Further information on powered stair climbers for wheelchairs and evacuation equipment is available from SwallowEMP on 0121 444 3690, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by visiting the company’s website at *Survey conducted by charity Vitalise, August 2014