Being a new Executive Board Member of USHA - reflections from Vincent King of Brunel University London

“The business content is fluid and is rapidly changing on an operational level from; discussing accounts; supporting and advising on members conferences and events; interpreting the fine detail of our terms of reference; monitoring specialist and projects groups and establishing who is doing what and how are they performing.

As well as this we are continuing to develop our Strategy to maintain our standing in the safety field with fellow Associations, which all creates demands on our time which we have to balance with our primary job role.

This is just a flavour of an Executive role which is a truly diverse job but the rewards far outweigh the challenges and I look forward to serving you well in my tenure”.

Vincent King is Head of Health, Safety and Environment at Brunel University London. He joined the USHA Executive Board in April 2014. His portfolio includes guiding the Fire Specialist Group and Animal Allergies Project Group, as well as working on USHA’s strategic plan for closer working with students. He also represents the Board at national meetings with other sector Associations