Acting Chair Gary Wood is actively seeking collaborative working

April's AGM saw Clive Parkinson (finally!) cut his ties with USHA and the Exec - or so he thought! You cannot build the links or continue to promote USHA as Clive has done and simply disappear. His offer to Professor Diamond in front of us all at the conference was 'pure Clive'! As part of the Exec’s transition I'm really pleased that Clive has agreed to short-term involvement in areas he's been instrumental in.

Looking forward - first it’s a huge welcome onto the Executive Board to Cathy Day (Bath) , Vincent King( Brunel) and Monica Kanwar ( Herts) . They all bring new impetus and direction whilst still building on what is already in place. It's also congratulations to Angus Clark (St Andrews) on his election to Secretary and Scott Trim (Birmingham City) for agreeing to take the role of Treasurer. His predecessor is eternally grateful! I know I have a good collective to support me during my tenure as Chair.

The thrust of the latest newsletter is reflecting on September's extremely successful conference on training and competency. Rachel Valentine offers you a really useful insight into how the topic's group is evolving and the challenges and initiatives ahead.

Clive's approach to Professor Diamond has initiated an exciting potential opportunity. USHA is looking to secure Significant funding for work that will contribute to greater efficiency across the sector as part of Professor Diamond's review is available. I am currently working with relevant parties on the best way forward to bid for this funding. Universities UK is happy to support our bid.

It's nearly a year since USHA's Planning Day and now the new Exec is 'bedding in' our focus will become the 10 areas arising from the day.

In the early days of my tenure I'm already seeing and actively seeking collaborative working between USHA's groups, other associations, organisations and groups within and external to the sector, especially where this secures influence amongst our senior colleagues. This will be really enhanced should the funding under the Diamond Review be secured.

Those who know me know the passion I've always had for USHA (and USA for those who can remember our predecessor!) and becoming Chair is only increasing it.

Gary Wood
Acting Chair USHA