Siemens Fire Protection offers true open protocol with no false alarms – and compliance with the latest safety standards

Siemens Cerberus PRO fire protection system has been installed in a number of significant healthcare building projects around the UK. Cerberus PRO offers true open protocol capability, so it can integrate smoothly with existing building management systems, making it ideal for refurbishment and upgrade projects as well as new-build.

The true open protocol platform also saves around 50% on initial costs of installation against proprietary platforms.

From the fire-safety point of view, Cerberus PRO also provides features that offer peace of mind for building managers and fire safety officers. Siemens Cerberus PRO can virtually eliminate false alarms. The cost of false alarms is rising, as a growing number of fire brigades around the country are charging for false alarm callouts, even for public sector buildings.

A further benefit of Siemens fire protection, and one which makes it unique in the UK market, is that it continues to offer protection even if the main processor fails. Should the main process fail, the system still continues to detect fires, evacuate the building, operate the interfaces and importantly call the fire brigade. Users can be confident that they comply with both BS7273 part 4 and BS EN 54-1,2 and 13 when using Cerberus PRO.

With new legislation on fire protection being introduced regularly, building managers need to be aware of compliance issues with their systems. For example, the most recent development has been the introduction of the UK Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which came into force on the 1st July 2013 across the whole of Europe including the UK. From that date all new products introduced to the market require CE certification and marking.

The new rules replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD), but any certificates of conformity issued under the CPD are still valid and products do not have to be re-certified under CPR.

The CPR has been introduced to give clear information on the performance of all construction products. To comply with the CPR, fire detection and alarm systems must be certified with the European standard EN54 by an authorised certification centre. It is therefore important to check that any new products carry the CE mark, as the entire Cerberus PRO range does.

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