The return of the TriMAT Safety Cabinet solution for Containment level II & III laboratories


The latest generation of the innovative TriMAT range of Microbiological Safety Cabinets has been launched by Contained Air Solutions, developed specifically for use within ACDP compliant containment laboratories. The new TriMAT exhaust module design provides a host of improved features (patents pending) and offers as standard:

Constant exhaust volume irrespective of cabinet being ON, OFF or undergoing fumigation, which greatly assists stability of negative pressure air regimes within the containment facility.

The ability to handle additional room air extract volume, simplifying overall air handling design and possibly alleviating the need to install additional room exhaust facilities. Bypass air can be extracted via a simple grille for containment level II facilities or via a room HEPA filter for containment level III applications.

Emergency recirculation functions via a double HEPA exhaust filter in the event of remote fan failure, allowing the safe conclusion of work, under containment.

The new TriMAT system is available on the latest generation of CAS Class I and Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets, providing designers of containment facilities simpler and more cost effective solutions and laboratory users improved functionality and operational safety as standard.

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