Graduate with Honours in Health & Safety

How great would it be to simply wave your magic wand and have a proactive safety culture within your establishment? The reality is with any organisation that serves the public; you may well be seconds away from your next incident. And as we all know too well, that incident could be very costly.

It’s often said that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to solve the conundrum of becoming proactive within health & safety. Adding the restrictions of resource, budget and existing management culture, it becomes an even rockier road.

Rivo has been instrumental in helping organisations in both the public and private sectors shift from the reactive to the proactive. Safeguard is a truly effective management suite of tools to provide much-needed control and visibility around all aspects of health & safety, as well as incorporating environmental, quality and security. This isn’t just about great user-friendly software though; it’s our experience in implementing complex solutions that exactly meet requirements that helps our clients achieve and surpass their compliance goals.

Our clients have found that the trick is to start in one place. Where is the most urgent need? Reducing the admin nightmare? Escalation of non-conformances? Regulatory restrictions? Start where it keeps you awake at night the most.

Proving the concept by proving the value gives you a compelling argument when going to the senior management for budget.

Since 2008, The University of Leeds have been embarking on this steady journey. They have recognised that to ultimately control all risk, they need to get it right each step of the way. Initially, they implemented Rivo’s user-friendly functionality around Risk Assessments and soon realised that the same value could be extended into other areas. They are now implementing Safeguard in areas such as COSHH and Manual Handling.

Rivo would be more than pleased to discuss your requirements around these or any other areas of risk in your organisation drawing in from our experience across the sector. Please contact Chris Bull on 01926 622320 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit our website also,