Be Smarter Over Your Running Costs


You feel like you’ve done all you can to reduce your site’s operational overheads and you seem to be working more efficiently, but still you find yourself way off budget. So where do you look next? Cutting back on the cost of life safety equipment is never an option, but being smarter over the choice of technology could be the obvious one. 

Given its vital role in protecting people and property, it is amazing just how many of us fail to give the selection of life safety equipment the consideration it deserves. This is particularly apparent when it comes to purchasing a fire detection system or an emergency lighting system, with a misguided focus on initial price rather than the long-term costs associated with it.

Fire Detection can be daunting for the uninitiated, deciphering the technical jargon may prove bewildering so it is somewhat understandable for those with squeezed budgets to initially assess the market by cost alone. However poor product selection, misguided installation and poor system maintenance could lead to unexpected costs. Ensuring that you select a high quality, reliable system with advanced technology to reduce false alarms will save you money in the long run.

The HFP System from Hochiki Europe offers complete solutions for all of your fire detection requirements. Hochiki’s high quality products ensure long term reliability, virtual elimination of false alarms, assured compliance to standards and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Emergency Lighting presents a similar challenge, but by switching to a self-testing, energy efficient emergency lighting system, you could save thousands! Over the course of ten years a traditional manually tested, fluorescent lighting system could cost you in excess of £120,000 in labour costs and will see you receiving a much higher energy bill than a system using LED-based luminaires and exit signage.

Hochiki’s FIREscape is an intelligent, low-voltage, LED Emergency lighting system that is simple to install and requires little maintenance. Furthermore, calculations made by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland show that FIREscape could save you up to £186,534 and 26 tonnes of C02e emissions over 10 years, when compared to a manual test system.

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