Injuries To Non-Workers - Where do we stand?

During recent consultations on RIDDOR the Chair of USHA Clive Parkinson asked HSE ( Health and Safety Executive) the question about Injuries to non-workers.

In the new guidance it says

You must report injuries to members of the public or people who are not at work if they are injured through a work-related accident, and are taken from the scene of the accident to hospital for treatment to that injury. Examinations and diagnostic tests do not constitute 'treatment'
in such circumstances. There is no need to report incidents where people are taken to hospital purely as a precaution when no injury is apparent.

The question being how would we know if the injury was treatable as such? We are reliant on the person contacting the University to say that they received treatment. Universities have quite a lot of visitors and students that are either taken or sent as a precaution to A&E (another problem for the NHS which is bumping the numbers up) but we rarely get to hear about what happened. We always follow up with students as we have a contact number but they often ignore the message as for visitors we might never know.

So can we safety assume that the act of notification is on the individual themselves to report that they received treatment?

The reply from HSE was follows

Diagnostic examination or tests have never been considered 'treatment' under RIDDOR. Further, there is no requirement under RIDDOR to provide a report if you do not have information about any treatment provided at a hospital.

So, where it is clear that treatment is required (or indeed already being provided) when the person is taken from the site you would report it (assuming other criteria are met). Where it is not clear that treatment is required (a precautionary visit) and you do not receive information to confirm treatment, you do not have to do send a report.

There is no onus on the responsible person to follow up each case that goes to hospital as a precautionary measure.

This detail is published in an FAQ on reporting in schools on the main RIDDOR web pages: