Statistics Collection by HESA

As you maybe aware there has been a working party looking at the way incident and accident data collection going back to at least 2008. One of the main outcomes of the working party was that the current data collection required updating so that better benchmarking between similar institutions could take place.

In 2011 an opportunity arose to include the USHA data collection into the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) portfolio. This opportunity arose due to the review of the recently added Estate Management Statistics into the HESA data family.

The above led to a consultation document which was sent earlier this year. A review of the responses was undertaken at HESA on the 26th April.

The review acknowledge that the consultation document was overly complex for what was required and a simply data set was agreed. The data set will only record the number and type of RIDDOR's (including the total number of dangerous occurrences and the total number of occupational diseases) against three reporting categories, staff, student and other.

It is excepted that the above data collection may result in some reduction of data and USHA agreed that if necessary and subject to a membership survey then USHA may conduct additional data collection every three years or so.

Also, the data collection could not be added to any of the existing HESA data sets due to how the various databases are set up. However, HESA have agreed that the H∓S data collection request will be sent to H&S lead in each institution. In the first instance it was agreed to use the USHA list until such time as HESA can develop their own.