USHA Spring Conference 25th - 27th April 2018   Exeter

Theme: ‘Without Health and Safety there is no wellbeing’.

 Wellbeing’ is having a significant influence on the higher education sector’s strategic development and is uppermost in the ‘mind' of the sector.

The USHA 2018 Spring Conference will be looking at ‘leadership and behaviours for wellbeing’

The conference will facilitate a wide range of topics on the mental and physical aspects of both safety and health leadership and behaviours.

 Mental wellbeing costs UK industry and business £26 billion a year in lost productivity

What is the impact on the higher education sector for staff and students alike?

More details and booking applications will be available shortly.





USHA Fire Group Seminar 2018  York

This is scheduled to take place in early June. More details will follow shortly





USHA Estates Group Seminar 10th - 11th July 2108   Nottingham

Theme: Safety Assurance

More details will follow shortly



USHA organises several conferences throughout the year.

The aim of USHA conferences are to establish:

  • networking and information sharing
  • dissemination of best practice
  • celebrate successes
  • launch new initiatives
  • consult with the membership
  • debate and discuss issues impacting the sector

USHA has an established history of successful conference events, providing a first class programme of speakers and covering a wide range of current issues.

Past Conferences

Year Location Topic
2017 University of Liverpool in London Estates Seminar: Statutory Compliance - Download presentations - Download photos
2017 Mercure Hotel, Cardiff Fire Seminar: Fire Safety Management - Download presentations - Download photos
2017 Hilton Hotel, Leeds Spring Conference: New Horizons in Higher Education - Meeting the health and safety challenges - Download presentations - Download photos
2016 Barbican, London Autumn Seminar: Mental Wellbeing - Download presentations - Download photos
2016 East Sussex National, Uckfield Fire Seminar: Focus on Compliance - Download presentations - Download photos
2016 Hilton Hotel, Belfast Spring Conference: Pushing the boundaries: is health and safety the first or last piece of the jigsaw - Download presentations - Download photos
2016 University of Liverpool in London Estates Seminar: Health and Safety in Construction - Download presentations - Download photos
2015 The Pendulum Hotel, Manchester Autumn Seminar: Leadership and Management of Health and Safety in Higher Education Institutions - the launch of the revised guidance - Download presentations - Download photos
2015 The County Hotel, Newcastle Fire Seminar: The Built Environment - Download presentations - Download photos
2015 Eversheds Leeds Estates Seminar: Estates Eversheds - Download presentations - Download presentations
2015 Highcliff Marriott Hotel, Bournemouth Spring Conference: Securing a Healthier Future in Higher Education - Download presentations - Download photos
2014 Royal York Hotel, York Autumn Seminar: Confident Competencies - Download presentations - Download photos
2014 Eversheds London Estates Seminar: Download presentations - Download photos
2014 Portsmouth University Fire Seminar: It should be alright in the night! - Download presentations - Download photos
2014 Hilton Hotel, Watford Spring Conference: Doing more with less: adapting to the changing needs of Higher education - Download presentations- Download photos
2013 Birmingham University Autumn Seminar: Safety in Building Design - Download presentations - Download photos
2013 Manchester Conference Centre Fire Seminar: Human Factors and The Higher Education Build Environment - Download presentations - Download photos
2013 Grosvenor Hilton Hotel, Glasgow Spring Conference: The Changing World of Health and Safety - living in challenging times - Download presentations - Download photos
2013 Royal Institute of British Architecture, London Estates Seminar: MRC & USHA 'Laboratory Design' - Download presentations - Download photos
2012 Natural History Museum, London Autumn Seminar: Managing Health and Safety In Research - Download presentations - Download photos
2012 Belton Woods Hotel - Grantham, Lincolnshire Fire Seminar: Reflections on the Regulatory Reform Order
2012 Bristol Spring Conference: + 40th Anniversary celebrations - Download presentations - Download photos 1  2
2011 RGS, London Safety in Fieldwork - a big adventure, a safe journey
2011 Derby ‘Courtroom Drama’ Health & Safety Legislation
2010 Manchester Training, Learning and Competence
2009 Belfast Event Safety Management
2009 Cardiff Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management Systems in Practice.
2008 Cambridge On the Edge
2008 London Building a Safer and Healthier Way
2007 Newcastle Sensible Risk
2007 Coventry In Search of Wellbeing
2006 London Fire and Flu
2006 Dundee Distilling Value from Legal Mash
2005 Lincoln Regulation to Self Regulation
2005 Brighton & Hove Self Reliance
2004 Huddersfield Legislative Review
2004 Dublin Safety & Corporate Criminal Accountatbility
2003 Sheffield Sport Safety
2003 Strathclyde Risk Management Benefit to Insurance
2002 Manchester Revitalising - have you signed up? HSE have!
2002 Kent The Life Cycle of Risk from Cradle to Grave

All USHA events are for Members only. 

Members who wish to host or facilitate a conference or training seminar on behalf of USHA should in the first instance contact the Executive Officer Lynda Couch-Smith  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Conference Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring a conference please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.