The Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) promotes safety and health in higher education ensuring the wellbeing of university staff, students and visitors.

It produces statistical analysis of the sector’s H&S performance, runs events seminars and conferences, and publishes professional standards and guidance documents.

USHA leads the way with consultation and lobbying on national policies on the world stage, and offers members a community of support, knowledge sharing and networking.

USHA's Autumn Seminar


Over 100 delegates attended USHA's Autumn Seminar held at the Royal York Hotel which looked at training and competency

The one day seminar focused on developing skills and abilities to identify training needs and design appropriate training, how to engage with those who are disengaged with health and safety, start a training needs analysis, develop an e-learning strategy and discover the advantages of 'blended learning'.

A full report with articles from speakers and delegates appears in the USHA Autumn newsletter

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Exciting USHA Developments

USHA has some exciting events coming up in the new year all of which will be publicised in detail in the coming months but here's a sneak preview:

The annual Spring Conference takes place 22nd - 24th April 2015 in Bournemouth and is themed around health and wellbeing .It will look at current Occupational Health working practices in our Universities and what works best: an in-house service, a shared service with the NHS or a contracted out arrangement. It will also look at changing our culture and behaviour to get healthy, work related stress and mental health awareness ,how building design can affect our health and helping students stay fit to study. This event is sponsored by Sevron - online safety software management.

In March the Specialist Estates Group is hosting a one day seminar in London, sponsored by HBE Risk Management, looking at the CDM regulations and also the issues with Asbestos

In June the Specialist Fire Group will be hosting its summer seminar in June in Newcastle.

Keep an eye on this website and on Hasnet for the full details in the coming months. 


UK University Estates Turnover Hits £27 billion

The Association of University Directors of Estate (AUDE) has released its comprehensive annual report which details the impact of University estates and facilities across the UK. It shows the University sector turnover is equivalent to the fourth largest FTSE company; Higher Education Capital expenditure is greater than the entire Crossrail Budget and Universities occupy 26 million m2 (280 million sq ft) - over 2.5 Times the size of the Government's Estate (10 million m2 (107 million sq ft))

Here are the full details

Ebola Guidance Note

Concerning both the risks for students and university  staff arriving in the UK from an affected country in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia) developing Ebola in the UK, as well as the risks to travellers going to West Africa. Click here for more information.

The UCEA Health & Safety Committee wants to gain a better understanding of why incidents occur within the sector, the lessons that can be learnt and for this to be shared amongst universities for the greater good.

USHA members are being asked to submit details of any health and safety incidents which they feel others can use to reinforce or further promote successful health and safety management within their own university.

There is no need to name the university involved. On behalf of the committee USHA will initially coordinate submissions. These can be made to Angus Clark (USHA Secretary) by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here are the background details.

The new 2014 Guidance for adventurous activities (BS1 8848) is published.

Knowledge of the British standard is important to anyone organising, or taking part in, an overseas venture.

Click here to view the leaflet telling you about the changes Guidance in full.

If your Institution has a subscription to BSI you can download the full guidance online.

USHA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association for Project Safety. Find out more here.

The 2013 Accident Statistic Results are published. 76% of members took part.

The full table details plus a breakdown of comparison results in the Russell, Queen, Teeside, former 1994, as well as Arts Group can be found here.

Here are the results of the membership training survey as part of USHA’s new initiative to support your training & development needs. The Training Specialist Group is chaired by Marion Richards at Queen Mary University London.

Vacancy: Deputy Director of Health and Safety. For more information visit, http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AJV998/deputy-director-of-health-and-safety/